Family Prayer Requests

This page used to be our Family Wish List page: the page where we list the thing we would wish for teams/visitors to bring to us while we were living in Rwanda.  Now that our lives have taken a different turn and we are living in the US full time (at least for now), we would appreciate your prayers in the following areas:
  • The necessary funds for all of us to be able to go to Rwanda on a short term trip.
  • For God to protect, provide for, and bless the ministry going on in Rwanda through TTI.
  • For our kids to find & connect with others at their schools who will be good, Godly, encouraging friends for them.  Real, deep friendships.
  • That our kids would be successful in their studies.
  • For God to provide for all of our needs in our personal finances.
  • Healing for Kelly (stomach issues).
  • Wholeness for Nate (developmental issues).
  • Wisdom for Michael Sr. as he leads the family and the ministry.
  • Joy and peace for all of us.
  • More of God's Holy Spirit within each of us, and a deepening of our relationship with Him.