Tuesday, November 17, 2009

looking forward

Mike has a trip to Rwanda planned for December 1st thru 15th. On the one hand this is sad for the rest of us, that we don't get to go and hug & see everyone we love over there. But on the other hand I am glad that Mike at least can go & be our representative & visit everyone over there for us. He will be busy during this trip & be trying to get a lot accomplished. Please pray for him to have a very productive trip.

Right now a big prayer request for me is that I want to get KaLia into a private school. We have been homeschooling for a year and a half, almost 2 years. I feel like KaLia would really do a lot better if she were in a classroom- she is competitive and needs the challenge of doing the same work as other kids in order to rise to her best. Here with me as her teacher she does not feel the need to rise up and outshine others!

The challenge with changing her to a private school is two-fold right now. Obviously the finances are a huge obstacle. The school she would like to go to (where some friends are) is very moderate, as far as private school tuitions go, but right now it is still out of reach for us. My hope would be that either, we would be able to qualify for a scholarship that would bring the cost way down, or that God would increase our monthly income somehow. I don't mind doing some kind of part time work, or it would be even better if our monthly support were to grow.
The other option we have is a private school that is more like a co-op. I could give my time (hopefully) in exchange for her attendance there. Right now she is not excited about this option, since she doesn't really know anyone there and she has her heart set on this other school.

Please pray for this situation. Besides the reasons I listed above for KaLia being in a classroom- I just do not have the motivation to make our homeschool experience all it should/could be & I feel like I am failing her in her education. I praise God because I know that he cares more about her education and her future than I do, and I am trusting him to make a way in the wilderness for us.

Thank you for all your prayers! God does honor them!