Tuesday, August 7, 2012

You Must Be Busy...

Yes, I am!  We have been back in the USA since June 2nd, and although I have been very glad to be back home and with our friends, family, and chuch; life has been very busy!  Managing a household of 7, catching up on medical/dental appointments, getting school details taken care of (including college), and just the busy-ness of life have really kept me going non-stop!

It's amazing that we are already part way into August.  Mike has been in Africa for the last 3 weeks & thank God he comes back home on Monday (finally)!  In a few weeks our daughter Kelly will start her new college life- lots of excitement and nerves for her!  The rest of the kids start school a few weeks after that.  Congratulations to Kelly on passing her driving test & getting her driver's license today!  Big step!

Our son Michael has finished his 6 week summer school course at Portland Christian High School.  Lucky for him his class included lots of field trips to places like the Portland waterfront, Multnomah Falls, and downtown.  He will start school at King's Way Christian High School on September 5th.

KaLia and Kelly had a lot of fun visiting their Grandma Julia in California.  They wanted to go on their own & have some "girl time", which they did!  Now I need to schedule some "boy time" with grandma too!

Nate has been SOOO happy to be back in "America".  He has been eating all his favorite foods (non-stop it seems) and watching lots of movies!

I have been looking for a job for a few weeks to help supplement our family income.  Just yesterday I started a temporary job working for a company that translates documents for elections.  We proof read the formatting and make sure it matches the original.  Thank God for the job & I hope we are able to balance this new commitment with all of our other family needs as well.

God has been good to us & although life is busy He is leading us to good places!
Thank you for your prayers for our family's adjustments to school and new surroundings.

God Bless You,