Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Earlier this month I posted a facebook status about how I was struggling to enjoy the Christmas season without losing myself in deep homesickness.  A lot of friends prayed for me that day, and I have to say that my heart felt lighter after that & although I am not without any homesickness (we wouldn't want that anyways, we still have to feel)  I did feel a lot more peace about celebrating Christmas here in Rwanda.  Many things are still strange (like the "summer" weather we get everyday) but add in some homemade cookies & egg nog & everything seems better.  We had a good Christmas day and I feel so blessed and thankful for my immediate family.

At a Bible study I went to early this month they had a time for sharing a testimony.  As the ladies went around the circle sharing miracles God had done in their lives, I sat and thought, what should I share?  And my mind settled on one thing: my complete family.  I remembered back to when I was a newly married 20 year old, and I have a specific memory of being at my job daydreaming about having kids, and the plans I had.  I knew I wanted 4 kids, 2 close together, and then a space, and then another 2 close together.  Now, here we are, 20 years later, and my family is finally complete.  It was a long road between there and where we are now.  It was not always easy (struggles with infertility, adoption, international details), and by saying that I mean to say sometimes it was really hard!  But now I sit here with my perfect family that I love so  much and I am so grateful.  So thankful.  God has been so good.
We are still working on getting Michael (Jr.) a visa to come to the USA.  We want to get him a student visa to come finish his high school in Vancouver, Washington.  We are having an email discussion with one school there to see if they will accept him.  Please be praying with us for God to give us favor and for God to clear the way of any obstacles.

We would also appreciate your continued prayers for God's provision as we have tuition payments coming due next month for all of the kids schools (including homeschool classes) as well as rent payments.  We are believing God will take care of every need we have, both personally and in the ministry.  We serve a good God!

When the kids go back to school after Christmas break Nate is finally going to be extending his hours at school so that he will be attending all morning & for lunch so that he stays until 12:30 each day.  He has been having good days at school for the vast majority of the time (not as many melt downs or acting out) and we have noticed an improvement in his speaking at home the last few weeks as well (using bigger words and more complex sentences).

KaLia was in a play through her afterschool drama class and did a great job in her part of "The Best Christmas Pagaent Ever".  (Based on the humorous kid's book.)  It was funny and fun to watch.  She will be joining the band program at school after Christmas break and working on her flute skills.

Kelly is getting ready to start her 12th grade classes in homeschooling.  She dreams of attending WSU in Vancouver in the fall of 2012.  She still has some work to do to get there, and we hope to find financial aid as well! 

Mike is busy with teams and ministry administration.  I am busy with homeschooling and being the mom, and helping with the ministry as needed.

Thank you for praying for all of our family.  My heart is thankful for our family and the love in this family.  I feel very satisfied.  I am missing all of our extended family and friends, and the conveniences of the USA, but our God is faithful to give us all that we need right where we are now, and the grace to do all that he has called us to do.

I hope your Christmas was full of love & memories to treasure.
God Bless You,