Friday, January 8, 2010

Welcome 2010

I have great faith & hope for 2010 to be an amazing year! The word God has spoken to me for 2010 is - MORE! Pastor was preaching 2 weeks ago and the question he asked was, "What does God have for you in 2010?" I really felt God speaking to my heart that what he wants for me & my family is MORE! What God has for us (all) is good & he is wanting to bring MORE THAN ENOUGH into our lives. More than enough healing, more than enough provision, more than enough joy, more than enough peace, more than enough support, more than enough of all that we need!

I believe God wants me to step out of the area of living in lack (what I call the land of LessThan) and into what he wants for me- the land of MoreThanEnough! My part in this is to seek his face, delight myself in him. He will grant me the desires of my heart, and he will do exceedingly & abundantly more than we can ask or think!

I am praying for more for my family- more health for my daughter (healthy choices & weight loss for child who wants to/needs to lose weight, a gentle transition into adolescence), more for my son (abilities beyond what he has now for a child placed in special ed), more togetherness as a family, more connections and love and respect to happen among family members. More of God's spirit working & moving through us. More of Jesus in me- me being more of a blessing to my family, more getting done at home, more connections at church, more! More of God's kingdom being displayed in our lives & being expanded through us!

Do you see a recurring theme here? :) This is what God wants for us too- more! This is not greed- this is saying, where we have allowed ourselves to live right now is *not* the "promised land" God has for us. We have settled for LessThan and it's time for us to move into MoreThanEnough! It is our rightful place - there's a spot there reserved for you!

Pray & believe with me for MORE for you too this year!
Amen! :)