Friday, July 9, 2010

We're Back!

This has taken me nearly a week to get in here to post- but we're back from Mexico!  It was a great trip.  I thank God for keeping us all safe & healthy during this trip.  I'm also thankful that the cooking went well.  You can read more about the cooking part of this trip on my other blog.  I won't go into it all over again here- for everyone's sake!

You know my main concern was how it was going to be with Nate there.  Basically, when we got there I just decided I was going to have to go into what I call "Third World Parenting Mode".  If you travel to any area that is impoverished you will probably see this scene:  children outside, playing together, with no adults around.  The older children take care of the younger children, while the adults are either working in the fields, selling things in the market, or doing what needs to be done for their families to survive.  In our case, Mike was busy with projects, and I was busy in the kitchen, so I just knew that I had to trust God to take care of Nate, know we had team mates around to see what he was doing most of the time, and just trust him to be OK.
Thanks Donna for helping Nate!
Thankfully, Nate did not ever leave the gates of the orphanage compound.  Maybe it had something to do with all the toys and play equipment, and kids to play with, were inside the gates.  Or maybe it had something to do with the fact that when we got there I pointed out the gates to Nate and told him not to go out them or he would "get lost and eaten by bears".  Really, I did!  I was actually joking & I didn't think he would believe me.  I thought I'd get a, "Mo-m!"  But he said nothing.  So, I guess in Nate's mind if you're in Mexico there could be bears there...  Although that would be giving him credit for listening to me, which I'm not sure if history would "bear" witness to that!
Nate had a good time & spent all day long playing.  Of course he did plenty of things that were naughty- like throwing dirt or rocks.  Actually, it looked like he rolled in the dirt every day we were there.  Dirt head to toe, but he did have a good time!  KaLia had a good time too.  She was a little shy at first because of the language barrier, but along with Nate she eventually got involved in playing with some kids & then would not stop begging me to adopt two more kids from Mexico!
Now that we're back I feel like it's taken me all week to catch up - I left the house a mess & had to bring a mess back with me also.  Thankfully it's all starting to get back in order now- I love order!

We are still praying & believing for a miracle of provision in order for us to be in Rwanda in August.  August!!!  I am trying (with some help) to put together a fund raising event for August 7th.  Similar to the TTI banquets we have had in the past, except this will be on a slightly smaller scale.  I know summer is a busy time, but if you are available please plan to join us that evening.  And please let me know if you can invite some friends to come with you.  More details will be coming out to you soon.

Your prayers on our behalf are always appreciated.  We would not be where we are today without people like you praying for us.  I know our God is faithful & the plans he has for us are for our good.  Not to harm us or cause us pain, but for good!


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