Friday, August 12, 2011


Very early on Monday the 15th we leave to return to Rwanda.  We will be there for another 9 1/2 months, same as last time.  The school the girls are supposed to be attending starts Tuesday (yeah, they'll start a couple days late).  We would appreciate your prayers during this time.  Pray for us to get everything we need packed.  We have so much "stuff" to bring for 9 months + ministry supplies, etc.  Pray for all of our luggage to arrive with us- no lost bags!  Pray also for the kids especially as they were just getting used to being back in the US and are having a hard time with leaving now.  All of us are feeling sorrow at having to leave our friends, family, and church again.  Pray for us to have peace.  Please also pray for our 27 or so hours of travel time- it's not easy!

We want to get back into the ministry in Rwanda and for our time there to be effective in ways that God already knows.  We want to give this time to Him for His will and His glory.  We know God hears and answers prayers, so we thank you for praying for us.

I have much to do so that is all I can post for now!

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