Wednesday, September 7, 2011

He Who Is Enough

A week or so before we left for Rwanda I had a thought that just came to me, and it was simply "El Shaddai".  I wasn't sure why I randomly thought of it, but I said, "Ok, God please be El Shaddai in my life right now."  I couldn't even remember what El Shaddai meant, only that it was one of the names of God.  Then not too long after we arrived in Rwanda I thought of it again, "El Shaddai".  And I kept praying, "God be El Shaddai in my life." 

Finally, I looked it up (yeah for the internet!) and suddenly everything "clicked".  Maybe you would like to read for yourself what El Shaddai means?  Look here, and here.  El Shaddai is interpreted to mean: the All Sufficient One, and the Almighty God.  I especially liked when I read: the Name might derive from the contraction of sha ("who") and dai ("enough") to indicate God's complete sufficiency.

El Shaddai: (he) Who (is) Enough.  He is enough.  For all that we might need.  El Shaddai is further described as: "the One who mightily nourishes, satisfies, protects, and supplies His people. El Shaddai is our All-Sufficient Sustainer. It is God as "El" who helps, and it is God as "Shaddai" who abundantly blesses with all manner of blessings."

Thank you God for wanting to remind me of this!  You are El Shaddai.  You are the God who blesses and abundantly provides!  It was with this on my mind that I posted last week about Nate's needs and our hope for putting him into a new school here.  I asked if you wanted to be a part of our miracle by helping with his school fees.  I was humbled and amazed by the outpouring of prayers, love, and donations of all sizes that came in.  Thank you!

As of right now there has been a little over $3000 donated. That is enough to cover the registration fee & the first half payment of Nate's tuition!  We will still need to raise the other $2400 before January 15th, but guess what?  Nate had his first day at his new school today!
 What a handsome little man!  And he knows what every kid in Rwanda knows: how to strike a pose!
Nate is starting out just going for 2 1/2 hours each day, 8am to 10:30am.  He had a great time today & we look forward to another great day tomorrow.  Hopefully within the week he will be ready to move towards going for the full morning.
I am so thankful for how God is providing for this miracle, and for each one of you who are a part of it.  (It is ongoing still, as I said.)  I am thankful, I am humbled, and I am amazed.  It is only because of God putting it on the hearts of people to be a part of this that it is happening, and it is all for His glory.
How do you need God to be El Shaddai in your life today?  He is no respecter of persons.  The same God that we have seen do great things in our lives is the same God who wants to show up in your life & do something miraculous for HIS glory!  

Let's believe it!
God Bless You,

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