Friday, April 11, 2014

Refreshing Dreams

I wish I knew someone who could create this video.  I saw it in my mind this evening & it felt like it could be such an encouraging & amazing video if only someone could make it.  But since I am not a video producer, and all I have is my words, I will try to use my words to paint a picture for you of what I saw tonight & maybe, hopefully, it will encourage someone.

A woman is in her house, tired, weak.  She sits down at the computer and begins working.  A young child is pulling at her shirt, crying, repeating over and over, "mommy. mommy. mommy."  She motions to him for him to just wait for a minute so she can finish what she is doing.  There is a banging at the door.  Repeated, loud knocking.  We see a big rough guy outside and as he is relentlessly pounding on the door on his shirt is written "debts".  As all this continues, the phone begins ringing.  The caller ID says "obligations".   All of this is going on at once: the child crying, calling mommy; the pounding of debts at the door, and the ringing of the call of obligations.  Until it finally reaches a crescendo and the woman just shouts at the top of her lungs, "STOP!"

Everything stops and her head collapses onto the desk as she begins to weep.  From behind her, we see there is an open window and a single beam of sun shines through, falling on her face.  She looks up and begins to think.  She stands up from the desk and takes the hand of her child and begins to walk with him. They walk together until they reach outside, where it is a beautiful radiant sunny day.  She holds the child on her hip with one arm, and the other arm swings out wide as they both close their eyes and drink in the warmth of the sun.  Their faces become radiant and warm as they bask in the sun's glow.

The woman lays out a blanket on the grass for her child, where he peacefully lays down to sleep.  She returns inside and approaches the refrigerator.  Inside, there are multiple full plastic containers & on them are written the words "FEAR" and "DOUBT".  With a move of her arm she sweeps all the containers of fear and doubt aside, throwing them to the floor.  Behind them, is a single container labeled "DREAMS".  It has long been forgotten and when she pulls it out and opens the lid, she shrinks back in disgust from the smell and appearance of a rotten and moldy thing.  Undeterred, she carries the container outside and there, in the brilliant sun, opens it up and holds it up with both hands, allowing the radiance to shine down onto it.  The wind blows and we know it is the breath of God breathing onto her dreams.  The dreams he gave her.

Immediately things inside the container begin to change.  It's like watching a time lapse tape where everything has been sped up.  The mold blows away.  What was in the container changes to a rich soil.  Sprouts of all different kind of flowering and fruiting vines begin to grow.  They grow until the whole area is filled with beautiful foliage and even the child, sleeping on the blanket, is cradled by the growth.

This was what I saw tonight.  I hope you can see it too.  God wants to interrupt the chaos & busyness of our lives, and renew us with his peace and love.  He wants to breath on our forgotten dreams.  But we have to stop, push everything aside, and bring those dreams out for him to breath life back into them.

God Bless You,

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