Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Mexico

Mike successfully returned from Mexico on Friday night. The orphanage there has many needs & it will definitely take some discernment to decide which needs the team should focus on during their brief visit.  Mike also came back from the trip thinking that he & another person should leave a few days before the team, driving down his van with luggage (with the luggage surcharges the airlines have now the money saved would pay for the gas), project supplies, and donations for the orphanage.  This has opened up an interesting situation- it looks like Nate & I might be going to Mexico after all...  (I am excited but trying not to "jump the gun".)  We would transfer Mike's ticket to me & I would fly down with the team.  There could also be another ticket open for Nate because of the team member riding with Mike.

The reason "why?" the team needs me to go, besides being with the team on the flight to San Diego, is because they need a team cook!  Ack!  (That's my inner Cathy coming out.)  Cooking for a team of 16 people is a bit intimidating- even more so because of being in a different country, and in a strange (different) kitchen.  Of course, if I cause myself to think back to our time in Rwanda last year, there were days when our Rwandan kids were on break from school and we had 7 extra kids staying in our home.  So, along with our house helper, I was cooking meals for 12 people.  16 isn't too much of a stretch from there... right?  (gulp)  And when I was 18 and I did a Discipleship Training School with Youth with a Mission in Kona, my chore there was to work in the kitchen.  Of course, someone else decided what the meals would be & the portions, I just did the work I was told to do!  I am concerned about figuring out correct portions/amounts for that size of a group.  I also will have to make some compromises to how I normally cook (see my other blog) - like, will I make homemade bread for 16 people everyday?  Somehow I doubt it!  The good news is that Ensenada has a Costco & a Wal-Mart!  Can you believe it?  Ensenada has changed since we were there last (mission trip in the mid 90's).

KaLia told me last night that she wishes she could be the one in charge of planning the meals & cooking.  She allowed that I could be the one, but I must let her help!  (Let's see if she still wants to help when it's washing dishes time- ha!)

So, I am excited to go and be a part of the mission to Mexico & scared of the responsibility at the same time.  Plus, if I'm busy in the kitchen, and Mike's busy working with the team, what would Nate do?  Still requires some prayer & listening to God for clarity.  You can pray for us too, and all the Mexico trip preparations, as well as the team members who are going & our ministry while we are there.  And let's also start praying now for the van to drive down to Mexico with NO mechanical problems at all!

Thank you!
God Bless You,

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