Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Important Request

Mike left yesterday morning for a three week trip to Rwanda.  I won't go into all the details here, but if you visit our Ten Talents blog you can read more about some of his goals for this trip.  However, I have an urgent prayer request right now that goes beyond what is happening in ministry.  Mike's dad's health is seriously declining.
This is a picture of Mike with his dad from January, 2009.
Vern McColm worked as a drywaller (putting up sheet rock) for many years, back when asbestos was in sheet rock.  His lungs suffer from asbestos poisoning.  His heart is also now very sick & working very hard.  Last Saturday Mike was able to visit his dad (his mom & dad live about 45 minutes north of us), specifically because the doctors have said there is nothing else they can do for him and he does not have very long to live.

Why this would happen now, when Mike is in Rwanda for 3+weeks, I do not know.  But one thing I do know is that our God can do anything.  I am praying, and I would ask you to pray with me, that God would sustain Vern until Mike returns from Rwanda.  I can not explain to you how much of a rock Mike is to his mother and the rest of his family, but they need him to be here in a time of distress.

Vern has been placed on in-home hospice.  Right now he is miserable.  Please pray for him to be made comfortable so that 3 more weeks will not be so much of a hardship.  Pray for God to sustain his heart and lungs so that they are able to supply what his body needs right now.  Pray for him to have appetite, for his blood sugar to be stable, and to be able to sleep at night.  Pray also for the family to have peace in this time.

Mike will return home on June 9th.  I would so appreciate it if you can bring Vern & the family before God's throne in prayer until that time.  

Thank you & God bless you,

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