Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We give

We surrender our whole lives & all we have to God and to do the work he has called us to.  Sometimes that includes surrendering the ability to be there for our loved ones in their times of need or loss.  Yesterday, May 19th, Mike's dad (Vern) passed away.  So many people were praying for him to hold on, but God allowed him to be released from the pain of this life and pass to the next.  I believe what he experienced when he was embraced by the Father arms of God was complete wholeness in every way.  A new body, new mind, new joy, new peace.  We say, "he isn't suffering anymore" but if in fact he is in heaven it is so much more than that.  Just like receiving Jesus as your savior is so much more than just being saved from Hell, entering heaven is so much more than just being released from the pain & suffering of this world.  SO... much... more!

Of course for those who are still here on this side of eternity, we are left to mourn the loss of his presence in our lives.  We appreciate your prayers for everyone.  The kids are doing OK.  They are sad, but even Nate said, "Grandpa is with God now and we will see him again someday."  It is challenging for Mike, in that he is so far away & unable to be here with us all.  We are thankful that we are able to talk with him on the phone or Skype.  I do wish Grandpa could have waited to meet his Rwandan grandchildren, but we will be together in Heaven one day (::tears::).

 Christine with KaLia & Nate- February 2009

We finally got our paperwork back from Olympia for Christine's adoption and expressed it to Washington DC.  It has to be approved by the Secretary of the State for the US and then the Rwandan Embassy.  Normally this process takes 2 weeks, but we are praying for it to happen much quicker- because I want to then send the documents to Rwanda so Mike can present them to the government there & maybe even get approval before he has to leave Rwanda- and maybe even bring Christine home with him!  This is a huge longshot- but that doesn't stop me from believing our God can do it- for His glory!

If he could Mike would be here with his grieving family, but he is helping someone else in desperate need right now.  Visit the Ten Talents Blog to read about the boy, Benjamin, who lives in the Home of Innocence and needs heart surgery urgently.  We are praying for him & for the resources to come in so he can get his surgery.

God Bless You,

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