Monday, August 16, 2010

Prayer Requests

As we prepare to leave for Rwanda this Wednesday, the 18th, I would ask for your prayers on our behalf:
  • please pray for the travel itself:  about 28 hours... misery if you're not able to sleep.  Please pray for us to get some sleep in the airplanes.
  • Nate's ears while traveling:  when we went to Mexico his ears did not adjust to the plane's pressure & it was very painful for him (and uncomfortable for everyone around him)!
  • Our vehicle in Rwanda:  last we heard it was not running.  Please pray that it would be fixed & ready for us when we get there.
  • Our luggage: for everything to arrive safely & at the same time we do!  We have had luggage missing before, and I would really like everything I pack to get there with us.
  • Flights: (we only have to make 2 connections (Chicago & Brussels) on the way there, but I would pray for us to make those connections without a problem.
  • Health & safety for our family.
  • Kids school:  this will be their biggest adjustment.  A new school, homework, new friends, etc.  I have talked in the past about Nate's issues with behavior & attention.  I am praying for his teacher to be experienced & ready to help him, as well as for him to settle into his new routine at school quickly.  That he would see the benefits of complying & would be able to learn along with everyone else.  For KaLia I am specifically praying for her to find some great new friends.
  • Our home here in the US: we just found out today (2 days before we leave) that our renters are moving out.  Joy.  We will have to lean heavily on friends & family to help us get new renters in there.  We know that nothing takes God by surprise & he wouldn't provide the funds we need to get to Rwanda only to leave us with mortgage payments looming over our heads back in the US.  Please pray for us to get some good (reliable) renters in there quickly!!!
  • Jet lag:  please pray for us to adjust quickly to the change in times (9 hours ahead).
Thank you for agreeing & believing together with us.  Our God is amazing & each of these situations is just another opportunity for Him to be glorified in answering it!  Now, I have to get back to packing-- you can pray for me to be able to finish our packing & remember everything too!  Ugh- it's all a bit overwhelming at this point- so much to do!

Praise Him!

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