Monday, August 23, 2010

We Are Here!

We arrived in Rwanda Thursday night, as did our luggage (which you really learn to appreciate once you have a trip where it does not)!  Coming from the airport, riding through the streets of Kigali, it was a strange feeling.  It felt familiar and strange all at the same time.  Rwanda is familiar to me from the other times we have lived here, but it was also strange because of the length of time since I was here last (15 months).  It also felt strange because the reality of what we are doing was still sinking in.  I was thinking, "Really?  Are we really doing this?  We're going to stay in Rwanda for 9 months?  That's a long time!"  Granted, not as long as other missionaries who may come for 4 years or longer at a time, but it still feels like, "Wow!  Really?"

I am very thankful that our flights this time went quite smoothly and 28 hours of traveling is not bad at all for going half way around the world!  I even got some sleep on our last flight- I have had trips where I didn't sleep at all so this was a welcome relief.  We arrived at the house we are renting for the next four months & found out our furnished home had a completely bare kitchen and no blankets.  Thankfully I had packed our water bottles and even a couple of light blankets, and the next day (after having breakfast at a restaurant) we got some things out of storage where we had plates, cups & other home items.

Friday we went and visited the school the kids are enrolled in.  They were still very jet-lagged and Nate had fallen asleep on the way there- fast asleep.  He was crying and carrying on about not wanting to meet his teacher.  Well, I figure this way we've made the worst possible first impression, so if Nate is pleasant during his first day of school they will be pleasantly surprised!  We did meet both their teachers and I am sure this is going to be a great place for KaLia, and I hope for Nate too.

Bad news is our home definitely has a cockroach (like the 2" long kind) and ant problem.  Good news is that our neighbors are English speaking and have a young boy as well as 2 girls who are near KaLia's age.

I have to go pick up the kids from their first day of school now- thank you all for your prayers for us!



  1. I have been so disconnected so reading your latest entry was a powerful few minutes. I am so taken by the love in your hearts and your passion for helping others! I truly want to bring Skylar on a missions trip and allow her and I to grow in the love of helping others.

    I am not sure if you have heard but Jim and I are currently expecting number 4. We are due in February which makes a trip a bit out of reach for now. However, we will continue to donate to your work and support you.

    I love your passion and selflessness. And I trust that I am not alone. Your family is an example of how we should all live and enjoy the gift of giving.

    Hugs to all! And are a wonderful mother of two towering children. I can not believe how little they make you look. Oh my how they have grown! HUGS!!! ;-)

  2. @Season ;) thank you so much & I did hear about #4 (facebook) wow & congratulations! Hugs to you all too!