Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Keep Praying...

Christine & I went to the government office where adoptions are handled today.  We had hoped they had discussed her case at their meeting last Friday & we would have a positive answer.  When we got there we were informed that the meeting was not held last Friday, but she said they would have their meeting this Friday.  Then she asked that Christine write a letter explaining her whole life story and why it is that she should be adopted, so this could be added to her case.

This is not an easy thing to ask of her.  Some of her past is painful & she is reticent to revisit it, even in writing.  Please pray for Christine to be able to write this letter that has been asked of her, and for God to give her the strength & wisdom to write what needs to be said.

Please also pray that they would indeed have the meeting this Friday & discuss this case, and that God would give us favor & a favorable answer from them.  After this Friday the country will be getting ready to go into a time of Remembrance, as the anniversary of the beginning of the 1994 genocide is April 7th.  I am sure they will not be having meetings during the days before and after that.

Thank you for believing with us.  I know our God is great & he can do anything!  I have great news to post on the Ten Talents blog today too...

God Bless You,

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