Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So Close

Last Thursday we visited the office of the person who makes the decisions in regards to adoptions here in Rwanda.  I'm talking about the person who can say "yes, you can adopt" or "no, you can't".  She told us that our paperwork had been reviewed & they thought it was OK, but it "was not official yet".  Christine was with us & the woman asked Christine all about her life story.  When our time there was done she told us that she wants to approve the adoption, but this is outside of how things are normally done in Rwanda, and she would need to take it to her colleagues for approval as a "special case".

You see, normally Rwanda does not allow parents to choose the child they will adopt.  It is a safeguard for the children that the government picks the child for the parents.  While we understand this, we also know that God can bring a child together with parents sometimes as well.

Please be praying for us to receive the approval for Christine's adoption soon.  We are hoping she will present it to her colleagues this Friday.  We would just like to have it done, so we can move forward with the other necessary paperwork to make this all official.

Thank You!

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