Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hit the ground running

Mike, Darcee, and Darius all arrived home safely last Wednesday night (9th).  Now we are only a week away from our trip to Mexico, then we will be into July and time is going by so fast!  We are believing God for a miracle to get us to Rwanda in August.  I was just watching some of our videos (I added a new video at the bottom of the blog) and I miss Rwanda so much!

I'm working on my plans for the meals during that week we are in Ensenada, Mexico.  We will be working with El Sauzal orphanage.  I still have real trepidations about bringing Nate.  It has not been a good week for him behavior wise.  Some days with Nate are better than others, but he's always a handful.  And then there are days...  days when I wonder, "What else can I do?"  I feel so helpless because I feel like I've done all I know how to do & yet it's not enough.  He doesn't listen, doesn't mind.  We (mom & dad) can barely get him to obey us, much less other people.  :: sigh ::  How do I explain him?  (reminds me of a song from the Sound of Music...) 

Yet I know there is so much amazing treasure God has placed within him.  He is smart- like he notices things, remembers things that are important to him, and figures things out.  He is joyful- he loves to be happy and have fun, and he rejoices with others.  He is loving and affectionate.  I am praying for the teacher he will have in school in Rwanda.  These teachers are mostly from America, so I'm praying this teacher will "happen to have" a background in special education, maybe even speech therapy, and will be able to understand and work with Nate.  I know he is a challenge, but I'm praying the teacher he has will see past his challenging behavior to the true boy inside.  I am also praying, as I have been for years, that God would help Nate develop in all areas.

I have not shared it in this blog, but there are 4 mountains in my life that I am praying will be moved.  We have had words & confirmations that this will be so.  They are: our personal finances (for us to have the full support we need to be in Rwanda for 9 months), our adoption of Christine (still no word on that- except the discouraging words the person in that office gave Mike & Christine the day Mike was leaving the country), KaLia's health (I mentioned it briefly here), and Nate's development.

Tomorrow is my 39th birthday.  My last year in my 30's, but that's OK.  The 30's were good, but somehow I know that the best is yet to come!  With God there is always the promise of more!


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